Writing this Novel is Hard

Duh! I’m sure nobody ever thought it would be easy. Getting the words on paper and having it all make sense in a grammatically correct way is the easy part.  Feeling the emotion of the story is what gets me.

The book is based on the story of my partner who went looking for his biological mother only to discover that she, too, had been looking for him.  Sandwiched between those two narratives is a series of stories that eventually connect mother to son. That’s where it gets hard. I’ve fictionalized the story, using creative license to create worlds that move the story forward, but the truth is there in the passion, fear, loneliness, and hope felt by both protagonists.  And me.  You can’t write a story like this without feeling it. When I’ve had enough, I leave the page and go for a run to drop the anxiety and clear my mind.

There’s so much story to tell that I sometimes get impatient to get it all out. The best part of writing is the revision, the polishing of the manuscript.  I think that once the story is out of my head and on paper, I’ll be able to relax a bit.  Maybe. 

This story has been with me for six years, ever since I first heard my partner’s story.  I’ve wrestled with how to tell the story, and IF I should tell the story since then.  On a run one day, it occured to me that I could create a fictional tale based on this true story. That’s when I knew I would do it. Timelines, characters, and the story’s trajectory have been changed, but the truth is all there in the characters and their emotions.

I wrote for two hours this morning.  Now it’s time to run. On Monday, I go back to work and it’s going to be even harder to get this book written.  I’ll do it though.  It’s a story that needs to be told.

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