Top 10 Stupid Things I Did in my Youth

1.  Accidentally kicked a kid in the head while doing aerobics.  I think he’s a priest now so I obviously damaged him.

2. Didn’t tell a new bus driver where I lived and let him drive me all over hell.  Hey, I was 6!

3.  Lost a (bleeep) in my (bleeep).  It got infected.

4. Got married once.

5. Got married twice.

6. Accidentally rubbed cream for feminine itch on a baby’s teething gum.  I was young!  It was right next to the Ora-Gel. No harm done!

7. When my son was 3, he had his own little plush chair.  While I worked on the computer one day he struggled to pull his chair closer.  “Mom,” he said. “Push me over”.  So I did.

8. Waited four hours in outpatients because I though I had a blood clot in my wrist.

9. Wanted to help my mother clean the house and thought Windex was multipurpose.  Tip : Don’t dust wood with Windex.

10. Told my gym teacher to kiss my ass.  I was in grade 3.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Stupid Things I Did in my Youth

  1. And all this time I thought you were the perfect one! Boy was I wrong! But I still love you bunches😮😮😮😂😂


    1. LOL. “Perfect” is too high a standard to live up to. I love you too


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