I’m going to rant a little because who the hell lets their little girl wear high heel shoes, obviously designed for someone much older, to the DOLLAR STORE. I’m guessing the age so unless she has Benjamin Button disease and she’s really 43, I’m going to say she appeared between 8 and 10 years old.

I get to the door and I’m greeted by this kid who looks like a floosy and who I’m guessing are her sister and brother.  Younger.  Like cats on weed, the stand there blocking all the entrances so I gingerly step around them saying,”Excuse me, excuse me.”  Blank stares. I’m guessing that’s a word they’ve never heard.  And then I hear their mama.  She’s in line at the cash buying 3 for $1.00 lighters,  1/2 price tuna with a bubble of botulism seeping out the side and a huge back of green licorice whips.

“HEY! HEY! STOP,” she screams over at the kids.  So I figure their names are Hey, Hey, and Stop. I TOLD YOU TO….” I tuned her out because really I was only there to pick up a scoop to clean out the litter box.  You know what, that store on “cheque day” is like a fun house full of wrong. The minute I got there I regretted it.   Really.  For just a dollar or two more I could have bought the damned scoop at the Superstore.   But I was already annoyed, may as well complete the transition to all-out enraged.

It’s no crime to be “financially challenged” but to see the number of adults in this town who have ZERO life skills and children to raise is insane.  Maybe it should be against the law to get pregnant until you pass a test.  Some guys sits there with cue cards and you have to say Appropriate or Not Appropriate. If the card shows a 9-year-old wearing high heels, the answer, my friends, is NOT APPROPRIATE. 

I should have shaken that woman’s hand and said, “Congratulations….she’ll be pregnant at 14 just like you were!”

So by now you’re thinking, “Who is SHE to judge?”  Well, I’ll tell you.   I was reigning Mother of the fucking Year for 18 years and I sure as hell didn’t put high heels on my son.  SIGH.  I old and I’m cranky and sometimes I just fly into a hot-flash induced sweaty rage.  I just wish common sense was something I could donate to.  You see THAT would be a worthwhile charity.

Aw, I shouldn’t be so harsh.  That woman was probably in a frazzled hurry to get her daughter fitted for her first IUD.

MIC DROP……Lisa out.

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