One Reason to Run That Never Changes

Calorie burn!  Whether you’re male or female, a beginner or a pro, calorie burn is one very good reason to keep running. Before I started running 4 years ago, I had a regular workout routine that involved some cardio and weight training.  I always hurt myself with those darned weights and I’m pretty sure Jillian Michaels (videos) personally had it out for me! All that work and I’d burn about 200 calories.  Not too bad.  I’m a small woman.

Fast forward to running.  I can go for an easy run (a mere trot) for an hour and burn 500 calories.  That’s pretty significant! The larger you are, the more calories you burn based on the same exertion and time spent running.

Oh it gets better.  Listen to me here: YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUN FAST.  I gave up trying to be super speedy after too many injuries. If you’re going to compete, well you have to work on speed.  But if you’re a middle-aged schmuck like me, the key is running as long as you can at a nice, easy gait that you can sustain.

Okay okay….it does take time to get to that point, BUT any amount of running will burn more calories. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a brisk walk either.   However, for the sake of this blog, I’m focusing on the amazing byproduct of running – high calorie burn.

If you’re like me and the speed is too much or you’re feeling burned out from running.  Don’t stop!  Modify.  Go slow and long.  Do it for the calorie burn if nothing else.  It’s totally worth it when you can say, “I’d love a piece of cake!”

Tip: If you’re concerned about weight, make sure those extra calories aren’t actually way more than what you just burned off.  Trust me, it’s easy to do!

See you in the slow lane runner friends!

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