I’ve Been Financially Violated

I had one of those “old timey” moments where I thought the cost of a new pair of glasses was maybe $300 – $400. Hell was I wrong. I think I’ve been duped. In fact, I need to go back and have another look. Maybe I can cancel the order. It’s way too much for bifocals. It has to be. They said it was buy one get one free, but the price says buy four get one free. WTF!?

Someone, please tell me….does $1700 sound like way too much for bifocals? Two pairs. Tax included. Canadian.

Maybe I should get my prescription and go to Vogue optical. I’m never going to get ahead financially at this rate. Yeah, I need to rethink this. Definitely.

Thoughts? I mean, if that’s a normal price for top-of-the-line bifocals, so be it. But really? Help!

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