There are 5 people writing my novel.

I’m about to dig into the novel-writing process again but before I do, I wanted to share a secret:  I have 5 people helping me with this:

  1. Determined Daisy.  This woman is sheer drive. She keeps my fingers banging away on the keyboard every day, as if my life depended on it.
  2.  Ervin the Editor:  This guy’s a real ass.  Who hired him anyway? He’s alway hanging around, looking over my shoulders, whispering how stupid every sentence is. He’s really only needed after the draft is finished but he doesn’t seem to know that. Must find something for this guy to do until I really need him.
  3. Delusional Deedee: I spend a lot of time with this lady.  Her belief that this book is worth finishing is inspiring. She tells me things that may or may not be true about my future success, and I love every word. When the writing gets hard and I want to stop, I think about this delusional character and focus.  Because…maybe….right?  Just maybe completing this book will mean something.
  4. The Family Finder:  Boy, is this guy a dick. This one pokes my head with a bravery stick and then leaves me to decipher the wary glances or – worse – the “It’s good to have a hobby” reply when what they really mean is, “You’re wasting your time, but we’ll play along because we love you.”
  5. Creative Cathy:  Cathy is always around but she likes to play games with my head. She might drop an idea or two down the cerebral chute then seal it in with a distraction, something that takes me away from capturing that idea. Of course, when I come back to it, it’s gone. She’d gone. She always comes back, though. I give her a lot of respect because she’s integral to the whole process.  I don’t know…maybe I’ll take her to the doc for ADD meds when this is all over.

I wonder if experienced writers, authors with true publishing cred, need more people to help along the creative novel-writing chain, or if they’ve managed to thin out the herd. Interesting.

Oh, here comes the team now. Sounds like they’re shouting something:  “Get to work! Get on that book! Writing blogs isn’t writing books, it’s wasting time.”

Harsh bunch.



2 thoughts on “There are 5 people writing my novel.

  1. This is funny. Many years ago I also identified many multiple personalities that exist within me. I think I had some of my friends worried. Their various characteristics come in handy, according to the job at hand. I remember Margaret because she was the practical one who kept control of my finances and there was Bud who saw value in things when other people didn’t. I also remember Jude, the one that was interested in spiritual things. I’ve forgotten the others. It’s all about assigning the right job to the right personality, lol. Sometimes you just have to tell the others to get out of the room!

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