I’ll Be a Better Writer When..

Have you ever had that “I would be happier if I had more” feeling? Well, it’s like that for writers except the refrain is, “I could write more if…”

I get it. I’ve realized that no matter what’s happening in my life there are always going to be distractions keeping me from writing as much as I want/need to. Take right now, for instance. I have a three week staycation and promised myself I would write all day. But here I am, writing a blog while throwing the ball for my dog, contemplating heading out for a walk on this dreary, foggy day.

I find it hard to focus and I blame the dogs (see exhibit A), but it’s safe to say that I’m creating my own barriers. Maybe I need some fresh air! Yes, I will definitely be a better writer after some fresh air.

Exhibit A

And later, when I need another excuse, I can decorate my mini Christmas tree, or clean up this messy house. Or bake!

For now, I’ll have to try and balance equal amounts of writing with everything else competing for my attention. Again, I point to Exhibit A.

Gotta go…my big ole dog is so close I can feel his breath on my crotch. Arrrrhhhhh. He jumped on me. 70 pounds of dog. Guess I can’ t write until I exercise this beast. But later…..definitely later.


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