CUT it out! Here’s What’s Not Going into the Book

Taking the time to skim through previously cut versions of Pieces of Eddie is a great way for me to see where the book has been and where I want it to go.

The following clips are in no particular order.

Theresa and Lillian hated the old musty church and the hard benches they had to kneel on. Lillian moved her lips during the prayers but never made a sound. Her fingers traced the odd shapes and knots created by the pine wood of the pew. Theresa would crane her neck, trying to see around the pillar that jutted straight down from the ceiling, dividing the pew they normally sat in. All the men in church were required to sit to the right of the priest, and all the women and children to the left. Edith, Theresa’s mother, expected much more from the girls and spent the majority of the hour shushing them, pinching their arms, and threatening eternal damnation. The girls had heard it all before.

Eddie hated the silence of a power outage. The white noise of electric appliances disappeared and the old house felt dead. There was no pulse. Even the heat from the airtight stove wouldn’t be enough to fill every space. Eddie filled a mug with coffee while it was still warm in the pot and closed off the doors around the living room.

Theresa sat on her bedroom floor propped against the wall beneath her window. It was New Year’s Eve where even a small town like Badger brimmed with excitement and possibility. A new year was just around the corner. A chance to try again, to put past mistakes behind and forge ahead.
Virginia gazed down at Theresa over cupped hands, her legs stretched behind her over the unmade bed.
“You better do this for me when I finally get me a man,” she said. Theresa smiled and hugged herself tightly, pulling the collar of her heavy wool coat up around her ears.
“Oh, I’ll be too busy being a military wife for you,” Theresa said, trying to be serious.
“Oh please,” Virginia snorted. “You’ll be busy alright! Busy with yer 16 children!”
Theresa laughed. Giddy. The anticipation of seeing Albert was nearly too much

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