3 Best Ways to Write Fan Fiction

pexels-photo-721200.jpegIt’s important to remember when writing fan fiction, that the celebrities and stars – the subject matter of your fiction – are actual people.  Strip away the money and fame, and they are just human beings. Just like you, celebrities have the same organic needs and desires as anyone else.  Go ahead and put them in funny or absurd situations, romanticize them, or..well..anything you want!

To really make your fiction ignite, here are 3 ways to write the best fan fiction.

1. Illuminate the Human Factor

We all resonate with characters (real or imagined) who are real to us. Think about your own worst fears, anxieties, and phobias. Now, imagine your celebrity characters having similar vulnerabilities. If you write your story into a corner, or need an engine to keep the story moving forward, put your character in a sticky situation, then help him out of it.


a.   The character has recurring nightmares and needs therapy

b.  The character is afraid of snakes and is unable to accept a role because the geographic location is known for its snakes.

2. Be Nice!

This sounds a little simplistic and – maybe – obvious, but it’s important to consider. Any character in fan fiction can (and should) have a multi-faceted personality with a variety of quirks and habits. However, the driving force of your fiction shouldn’t be about celebrity bashing. Let the tabloids do that.

3. Invite the Celebrity into YOUR World

It’s nice to fantastize about being a movie star’s BFF, but what if that BFF came to visit you? How would the person react to your small town, average home, second-hand car? Where would he/she sleep? How would the rest of the town react knowing you were entertaining a movie star?  The way you chose to answer these questions in your story can affect the tone.  Going for humor? Exaggerate the situation. Going for crime/drama? Add a sinister twist to the way your celebrity character reacts, or to the way the community you live in reacts.

Of course, these are just suggestions. There are numerous ways to tell a story. The important thing is to breath new life into your fan faves, keep them human, and keep them real.

Happy Writing!


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